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The Bible clearly states: “There is no salvation in any other; For under heaven there is not another name given to the men by whom we were to be saved. “(Acts 4, 12 – excerpt from the revised version of the Revised Version 1744 of 1996). Likewise, it is written in the letter to the Romans: “Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. “(Rom.10,13 – excerpt from the revised version of the Bible, 1744).

If I ask the question of what this name is, I will hear a great number chant in chorus: Jesus Christ. Well rated! But in this passage about Shaul’s speech to Agrippa about his conversion, a particular fact attracts our attention: Shaoul heard a voice speaking to him in the Hebrew language:


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“I saw on the way towards the middle of the day a light from heaven, more brilliant than the sun, which shone around me and those who were with me. And all of them fell to the ground, and I heard a voice speaking to me, and said to me, in the Hebrew language, Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me? (…) Then I said, Who are you, Lord? And he said to me, I am Jesus, whom thou persecutest “(Acts 26: 14-15 – Excerpt from the revised version of Revised Bible 1744 of 1996).
Do you sincerely believe that in the Hebrew language, the Lord could have said: Saul instead of “Shaul”. Or say: I am Jesus, the French form of the Greek “Ièsus” instead of “Iéshoua”? The name Jesus, which is found in all versions of the Bible, except in Chouraqui, is not the translation of the name Jeshua.

IESHOUA is written from right to left: EWSY. YOD “Y”, with two vowel points to pronounce “Ié”. SHIN “S”, with a point to the right is pronounced CH. VAV “W” is pronounced in two ways: “V” or “OR”. AYIN “E” is often pronounced “A”. Ieshoua literally means “IHVH SHOUA”, “Yah saves”. In the Hebrew Bible, the Almighty is referred to as El – which can take the forms of Eloha, Elohîms – from Adonaï and IHVH, sometimes abbreviated as Yah, Yahou or Hashem (meaning the Name). The word SHOUA comes from the root of the Hebrew word “Shoua” which means: to save, salvation, savior.

The components of the Hebrew names, as has been said, are always skilfully dosed in a precise manner, and are in addition doubled by a numerical value. The Old Covenant explicitly demonstrates, and by several examples, the importance of the name in Hebrew culture. As in the case of Noah, for example: “Lemčkh lives a hundred and eighty-two years and has a son born. He cries out his name, Noah, to say, “He will comfort us with our doing, and with the labor of our hands, with the ground that the Lord hath admonished.” (Ent.5, 28-29).
Or here in the case of Abraham and his wife Sarah: “Thy name shall not be shrieked any more. Abram: thy name is Abraham, father of a multitude; yes, I have given thee a father of many peoples. ) Elohim said to Abraham, “Sarai thy wife, thou shalt not call her name Sarai my princess, yes, her name is Sarah princess. I bless her. From her I will also give you a son. I bless her, she is in nations, kings of peoples will be her. “(Ent.17, 5, 15-16).

Or this particular episode of the life of Jacob: “Thy name shall no more be spoken of the abbot, but Israel the wrestler of El: yea have struggled with Elohim and with men, and thou hast been able. “(Ent.32, 29). Just to mention only those there!

Any change in the name of a person or place in the Bible necessarily leads to a new prophetic destiny. Hence their notification. There can therefore be no change of name without certain consequences. Now, in almost all the Western versions of the Bible, except the translation of Chouraqui, the reader is deprived of the fundamental right to know the one and only true name that was given under heaven by which we were to be saved. Similarly, in almost all translations, the Hebrew name Jeshua was replaced by Jesus, without scriptural justifications. What is nonetheless abnormal! But will it be said to me, is it so grave and so dramatic? Does not that amount to the same thing? Far from it !

The name Mashiah is far from any name. He was revealed to Miriam, his biological mother, by a messenger in this case Gabriel: “The messenger said to him: Do not shudder, Miriam! Yes, thou hast found cherishing with Elohim. Behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bear a son. Thou shalt call his name, Jeshua. He will be great and will be called Bèn ‘Éliôn ¬ son of the Supreme. “(Lou.1, 30-32).

And according to the word of the messenger, “When the eight days of circumcision are filled, he is called by his name Jeshua, as he had been called by the messenger, before his mother conceived it in his belly. (Lk. 2:21).

Also, the name Jeshua carried by the Messiah is found to be the very name of the Supreme Father. This following passage proves it lightly: “Consecrated Father,” said Jeshua, “keep them in your name, that you have given me, that they may be one like us. When I was with them, I kept them in YOUR NAME YOU GIVEN TO ME. I have saved them, and not one of them is lost except the son of perdition, that the scripture may be fulfilled. “(Iohn.17, 11-12).

Do you think, after all these evidences, that we have the right to modify the NAME above any NAME? Certainly not ! Who, then, would be interested in excluding from the vast majority of Western translations the most important name of the new pact, if not Rome? Babel hastened, as history itself can testify, to kill the Envoys Kepha, Shaul, and Iaacob, in order to take possession of the messianist Judaism in full extension and to alter it. He made him lose his Jewish origins but especially by introducing pagan rites, rituals and symbols.

Babel praises his gods, worshiped Rome, and deified his emperors. To let the pure message of Jeshua freely penetrate into her bosom would have been for her, synonymous with renunciation of her culture, her divinities, her language, her materialistic civilization and farther to her hegemony. There was no question of it!


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Behind the political and human facade of these facts are also spiritual forces that clash: on the one hand Elohîms, the Creator and others, idols, cosmocrats in the service of Satan and influencing the world. A real conflict between Elohim, of whom Jeshua is the son, to the gods of Rome (the prophets of Satan), whose various emperors are inexorable emanations. They had to consider an effective solution to stem the wave of the messianic wave.

In the year 325, at the Ecumenical Council of Nicaea, Emperor Constantine decided, in order to channel this new current which shook his kingdom, to make a clever fusion of pagan dates, rituals and symbols in the Messianic movement at that time expanding. He succeeded in creating a hybrid religion that could be assimilated to all his subjects. The Roman church proceeded to follow, with the Western translations of the Bible, especially with Jerome’s “Vulgate”, to the transformation, if not to the Hellenization, of the Hebrew name Jeshua in Iesus (which gave Jesus in French) and To the subrogation of Elohim by DEUS, and then to the recovery of all the great spiritual phenomena of the empire, notably the cult of Isis. Which soon gave consistency to a parallel worship centered on the person of Mary. In the year 431, at the Council of Ephesus, Mary was decreed Theotokos, mother of “God.”
The Western translations of the Bible, in general, laid the foundations of apostasy. They encouraged the emergence of a parallel movement to Messianist Judaism: Christianity. In this parallelism, the Vatican basically substituted itself for Ieroushalaim. In the same stride, Elohîms gave way to God, the abominable horror, and Jeshua Ha Mashiah to Jesus Christ. Few are even the wise readers of the Bible, who know that Jeshua of Nasaret was born about 6 before the Christian era, well before the Western Jesus Christ.

The Holy Breath has clothed the tinsel of eternal fire the Holy Spirit, the Spenta Mainyu of Zoroastrianism. The dove, in the episode of the immersion of Jeshua, was supplanted by the dove, the favorite animal of Venus. The dinner of the Adon became a Eucharist for some and holy supper for the others. The consecrated ones became the saints and the Community of the Consecrated, the spouse of the Messiah became the Church; A word whose meaning is closely associated with a building. The Announcement was thus properly and fundamentally distorted, let us say, perfectly Hellenized.

Sure, therefore, of the excellent work of manipulation carried out at the level of the Writings, the West has undertaken to impose its new ecumenical religion on the whole world. Later she decided to divulge and even distribute free corrupt Bibles to mislead the mass far from the truth

Shaul, in his first letter to the Corinthians, sheds light on all the foolish allusions made on this subject: “Is it from you (the nations) that the word of Elohim came, or did it come to pass You alone? (1Cor. 14, 36). The Fathers of the Church, namely Eusebius, bishop of Caesarea (3rd century), Erasmus the agnostic and Origen, theologian of Alexandria (3rd century), who declared that Christians replace the Jewish people as the chosen people, were all Of patented anti-Semites. The latter were subsequently, the major actors of the Hellenization of the sacred doctrine

So Elohim has not fallen, and still less rejected his people whom He has cherished and known beforehand. Everything in the Bible, from the Head to the Discovery, revolves around Israel and its sons. The Messiah Jeshua was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel: “I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel,” he said to the wife Kenaanit. (Mat 15:24). But why was it sent to Israel and not to the nations, will we be told? Because it is to the Benei Israel that belongs the filiation and the glory, the pacts and the gift of the Torah, the adoration and the promises. To them are the fathers, and of them the messiah according to the flesh. (Rom.9: 4-5).

The advent of the Messiah in Israel, precisely at Lehuda long. Announced by the Inspired Daniel, Irmeyahu, Yeshayahu, Zeckaryah, Mikha, Obadyah and Hoshea, etc. Was to crown both the work of the Torah and the very hope of Judaism which predicted that the Mashiah would gather all the scattered sons of Israel, straighten David’s tent and establish his endless reign throughout the earth.

The Announcement was thus, according to a very precise schedule, first proclaimed at Jerusalem and Shomron and then at the nations by the hardening of a part of Israel, still through the medium of worthy sons Israel, the pillars and foundations of the Messianic community, namely, Kepha, Iohanan, Iaacob, Shaul, in order to incite Israel to jealousy and bring them back to Adonai Elohim, the Eloha of their fathers. By adherence to Jeshua the Messiah, the nations take part in the promises made to Israel, the chosen people of Elohim, as it is written:

“You were then without a messiah, strangers to the city of Israel, outside the pacts of promise, without hope and without Elohim in the universe. But now in the Messiah Jeshua, you who were far away, you became close in the blood of the Messiah. Yes, it is our peace, the one who has made one, having abolished the dividing wall of separation, hatred, in his own flesh; Annulling the Torah of the misvot in his ordinances, so that both of them may be created in him one new man by whom he makes peace, and reconcile the two in one body to Elohim, through the cross, killing hatred And come to proclaim peace to you, the distant, and peace to the loved ones, because through him we both have access to one breath, to the Father. (Eph.2, 12-18).

When we speak of Israel, we are not talking about the Zionist state of Israel, that European parliamentary democracy articulated around the Knesset – no longer around the Torah, the Revelation of Elohim and the Inspired! But of the sacred nation Israel, the rest that Elohim, in his cherishing, has kept. The current Zionist state of Israel, the land of all religious fantasies, is still different from Biblical Israel. It is a state now secular and highly Westernized.

But let us return to the name “Jesus Christ”. What does it really mean? The word “CHRIST” is a simple decal and not a translation of the Greek CHRISTOS which comes from the Greek verb chriô, which means in the Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible, and already in the Odyssey, Oindre. The name JESUS ​​comes from Greek YESUS. The origin of the Greek transcription “Yesus,” read Ièsous, comes from the Talmud.

The Talmud, together of the Torah’s comments transmitted orally for centuries and repeated from memory (Mishna), is the work of scholars, scholars, and rabbis. Indeed, the Talmud is in relation to the Torah of Moshe, a sort of jurisprudence. Its definitive drafting was completed in the 5th century. In the Talmud, the expression “YESHU HA NOTZRI” is used to designate the Adon Iéshoua.


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The editors of the Talmud deliberately omitted the letter AYIN (which induces the change from U to UA) in the name Iéshoua, in order to bias the meaning of the name of the one they never considered the Mashiah. No wonder from them! It will be remembered that when Jeshua, then unjustly accused, appeared before the Procurator Pilatus, the Sanhedrin, headed by the Chief Servant, Iosseph Caiapha, pushed the people en masse to choose the murderer Bar-Abba in Aramaic, “son of the Father “In Jeshua Ben Elohîms, in Hebrew” son of the Father “. (Mk.15, 3-15). Short.

Yeshu thus gave in Greek and in Latin Yesus, then Jesus in French. Yeshu, the acronymic form of Yimmach Shemo Vezikhro, means in Hebrew “Let his name and memory be erased! “With Jesus, we are far from Jeshua” Yah saves “!
If you have fallen under the subterfuge of the name of Jesus Christ, as we have also been in a past still very close, it is not late to do well: Return and return to what is right and truthful: Jeshua, the Messiah.

But some will object to us: have we seen miracles and wonders performed in this name? How can it be inaccurate? Whether Jeshua or Jesus, is not the name of the Almighty glorified? And it is there that many go and fall with their eyes open in the traps of the enemy. Are not miracles also made in the name of the Virgin Mary? From Buddha? From Paul Mousso?

So I would like to know one thing: What do you think the name of the messengers Keepha, Iohanan, Shaul, themselves the sons of Israel, to the universe, and by which they also carried out immersions and Miracles? Is it Jesus or Jeshua?
There is no other name under the skies that has been given to the men of all nations by which we must be saved: Jeshua, the Messiah, as it is written, “Salvation is not of another . No, men have not been given another name under the skies by which we must be saved. (Ges. 4:12).

A single name for Israel and for the nations, not many. In Law, the name is a proper name, a non-transferable, imprescriptible and protected attribute of the personality that it designates and identifies. This unique and genuine name is therefore not subject to modification. And even less to assimilation. Be vigilant, beloved!

“False messiahs and false inspired people will wake up. They will give great signs and prodigies, in order to lead astray, if possible, even the elect. (Matt. 24:24).

Be careful not to let yourself be carried away by the dynamics of apostasy which, since the first centuries of our era, has acted in power: “Little children,” said Iohanan in the year 97 of our era. last hour ; You heard it: the anti-messiah comes. Already, even, many anti-messiahs arose. We therefore penetrate that it is the last hour. “(1 John 2:18).

This extract from the second letter of Shaul to the Thessalonians will give you a better idea of ​​the nature of the miracles and wonders performed during the apostasy:

“The appearance of this wicked one will take place with the power of Satan, with all power, with prodigies and false miracles,

And with all the seductions of iniquity among those who are lost, because they have not received the love of the truth, to be saved.

This is why Elohim will send them an efficacious breath of error, that they may believe in falsehood; So that all who have not believed the truth, but have taken pleasure in injustice, are condemned

(2Th.2, 9-12).
Take care, my dear ones, not to mix the wheat with the tares, Babel in Beit-el, Rome with Israel at the risk of sinking into confusion. For it is exclusively in the name Jeshua that means “Yah saves,” that we penetrate the mysteries of Elohim.

“Then Jeshua said to the Jehudim who adhered to him,” If you abide in my word, mine, you are indeed my adepts. You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. (Iohn.8: 31-32).