My Foot is on the Rock

by HIS FOUR... Ministries 1993 All rights reserved
Words: Mike Mitchell    Music: Jim Reuter
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Here's the story of where I'm from,
What I've learned, how far I've come,
The joy in my immortal soul, Because my name is on the Roll.

       My foot is on the Rock and my name is on the Roll.
       Jesus paid the judgement price and now my life is whole.
       A born again believer, Precious Blood had paid the toll.
       My foot is on the Rock and my name is on the Roll.

1.    I lived my life so long in sin and did not count the cost,
       The empty place I felt within the price of being lost.
       Then one great day I heard the News, A Savior, Christ the Lord,
       He sought me out and now I shout Salvation's my reward.
       Because (CHORUS)

2.    He taught me, if I didn't change, of death, the wage of sin.
       And how that debt was covered, (It was) paid in full by Him.
       He taught me of undying love that rains down from on high.
       And now I know, and love Him so, I'll see Him when I die.
       Because (CHORUS)

3.    Jesus, Lord and Savior, is the Rock on which I stand.
      My name is entered in the roll by His own nail scarred hand.
      He gave His life that all may live with Him eternally.
      And He wants to do for you the very things He's done for me.

Set your foot upon the Rock, He'll write your name down on the Roll.
He's seeking in your heart right now to save your hell bound soul.
His precious blood, the cleansing flood, will wash you white as snow.
So get your foot upon the Rock, and your name upon the Roll.


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